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Why You Should Work With Us!

we are committed to providing our partners with useful programs that offer a broad range of services, tools and support structures to successfully address market opportunities.

Fully Responsive

Greatly designed websites that work across all platform of devices.

Easy Customization

Specifically tailored to drive your business forward, even faster. 

Well Documented

Security protocols which must be understood to elimate risks.

Easy To Use

Cloud solutions that give you remote access from any location 24/7/365.

High Tech

IT Infrastructure Assessment is necessary for businesses to continually optimize their operations.

Full Support

Ensure your technology works for you with comprehensive IT services and 24-hour support.

What We Offer ?

Our service offerings are tailored to four primary areas – the Information Technology (IT) organization, IT Support, IT Infrastructures management and Network construction.
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We posses skills in the IT industry which are parallel to none and always assure our partners of the highest quality standard.


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Who We Are ?

Pietkom was founded in 2004 and registered a year later; Pietkom has earned a respected reputation within the Information Technology support platform and solutions industry. From our head office in Lagos, we serve a local, regional and national client base consisting of small, medium and middle market companies. 

Our service offerings are tailored to four primary areas – the Information Technology (IT) organization, IT Support, IT Infrastructures management and Network construction.

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Cyber attacks are a national security concern that cuts across all industries. Banking, utilities, healthcare, communications, government services, emergency services, transportation – all are critical to the normal daily activities in every nation. Today, the potential damage posed by cyber threats is very real. Pietkom Security helps critical infrastructure organizations understand cyber security risks, take steps to eliminate risks, and respond quickly in the event of a cyber-attack and advanced persistent threats (APT).

Improve security and operational resiliency
Maintain continuous operations by anticipating and eliminating security risks before an attack occurs. Combine network modelling, risk analysis, and attack simulation and prioritize the most urgent threats for fast remediation.

Demonstrate compliance with cyber security policies
Streamline the process of demonstrating compliance with cyber security and other security policies and best practices.

Quantify risks and justify security investments
Incorporates information about the value of critical assets so you can quantify risks to improve communications and gain buy-in to security proposals by providing solid numbers to make cost/benefit trade-offs.

Emergency preparedness and response
Develop and maintain effective contingency plans to automatically update the risk model as needed to ensure that you have a current view of the complete network configuration, and the information you need to respond quickly to emerging threats.
Our Security solutions provide cyber security tools for critical infrastructure organizations. With Pietkom, enterprises and government organizations have the security management information they need to understand and take steps to eliminate risks.