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Pietkom was founded in 2004 and registered a year later; Pietkom has earned a respected reputation within the Information Technology support platform and solutions industry. From our head office in Lagos, we serve a local, regional and national client base consisting of small, medium and middle market companies. Our service offerings are tailored to four primary areas – the Information Technology (IT) organization, IT Support, IT Infrastructures management and Network construction.

  • For Information services we provide project-based solutions when resources are in short supply or special expertise is required
  • For IT Support we provide fast and reliable technical assistance to small office computer users. Pietkom solutions are supportive and results oriented.
  • For IT infrastructure management we provide the necessary expertise needed to manage our client IT infrastructure.
  • For Network construction we specialize in the building of local area network (LAN), Width Area Network (WAN), Wireless networks (Wi-Fi & Radio), Network Clustering, VPN (Virtual Private Network), Storage, Network security and Telecomm assistance.

Pietkom helps clients build competitive advantage through information management and support. Our complete line of information technology expertise and solutions, projects sourcing and management advisory services enables our clients to maximize their productivity and investment return in support, people, projects and technology.

Corporate Positions

Internally at Pietkom, we are always interested in meeting proven performance with demonstrated track records in intellectual and social assert to the community where we work, environment and above all our heartily client hence making us your computer IT paramedic ….


Relationship for Success

We understand that building strong relationships with our partners is a key component of our success. Partners provide us with industry and market expertise while adding significant value to our solutions and services. In turn, we are committed to providing our partners with useful programs that offer a broad range of services, tools and support structures to successfully address market opportunities.

  • Intelsat (Satellite Operator)
  • IDirect (Satellite hub)
  • Pietkom Africa (Global Storage & footprint Provider)