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Pietkom offers a broad range of highly customizable products and services, taking great pride in our flexibility to customer demands either in house or through any of our third party partners. Take a look at our design services below:

Logos | Business cards 

Starting a new business or rebranding an existing business is all about transforming an idea into something tangible and watching it grow. It’s also about creating great first impressions and reinforcing them with exemplary service. At Pietkom, we want to help you make that great first impression when a client sees your logo and be a part of your journey.

Brochures/Portfolios | Newsletters | Company Profiles | Magazines

For when you want to put your brand on display. Pietkom design can help you make a great impact!

Contemporary Invitation Cards

When you give out an invitation card, you want to describe how the event will feel. It isn't just a movie ticket; you have to incorporate the movie trailer and the cinema pass into the same card. That is what Pietkom does.

Stationery Design

To transform your corporate image from just a first impression to a lasting one, we offer stationery design services for your company letterheads, business cards, flyers, invoices and receipts as well as company greeting cards and more.

Contemporary Greeting Cards

Got a message that needs to be shared? Pietkom helps you say exactly what you want to say