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Our network reaches major business centers. We have the capacity and range of services via our global partner’s network to meet your needs. Our partners own and operate infrastructure, including subsea and terrestrial cables. Our unique Hybrid VNO has access to 154 countries, providing a complete spectrum of solutions for sites both large and small.

We deliver service certified to meet leading global standards. We build our network to meet the exact requirements of some of Nigeria’s top corporations. We back up every segment of our connectivity solutions with industry-leading SLAs so you can be assured that our network will deliver.

Not only are we constantly expanding and managing our ecosystem of network supplier partnerships, but we can help you better understand how traffic flows on your current network, and provide you with a plan for expansion or upgrades to your existing architecture.

We will work with you to develop a tailored solution that will help you address traffic bottlenecks, hit performance benchmarks and create a more efficient network structure.