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IT Infrastructure Assessment

Completing an IT Infrastructure Assessment is necessary for business’ to continually optimize their operations. Pietkom provides IT consulting services for small to medium-sized businesses. For clients who want to save money and increase data center management efficiency, Pietkom can provide a comprehensive IT infrastructure assessment and checklist which aids in discovering where improvements can be made to scalability and effectiveness.

IT Infrastructure Optimization

Pietkom can help you build IT infrastructure that helps you achieve positive business outcomes. We can help you optimize the cost, manage the risk and improve the performance of your IT infrastructure. We work closely with you to improve operational efficiency, maximize speed and find new ways to make your network work harder.

IT Storage and Data Management Services

Storage and data management is a thorn in the side for most IT decision-makers. Your network devices might last four or six years … but your storage capacity never lasts that long. Additional storage capacity won’t necessarily resolve all your problems. Not all data is created equal. Different types of organizational data are subject to different regulatory, archiving and availability requirements. No single off-the-shelf approach exists to satisfy all organizational needs. Our Storage Design and Data Management service can help. We look at your business goals, the challenges you face, and how your current storage strategy is working – and spot any gaps. Then we design and deliver an efficient solution that’ll give your business the capacity it needs.

IT Transformation and Architecture Services

We know you need a flexible IT infrastructure that fits your business strategy. It also needs to respond quickly and effectively as things change. It must work well, so you can make the most of your skilled IT people. You need to make sure it doesn’t become a drain on your finances and any money you do spend on it has to show a clear return on your investment. We partner with you in your business transformation journey to define and optimize your businesses and align your IT portfolios to business strategies delivering the maximum return on your investment.