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Pietkom via partners has extensive fiber and Radio coverage throughout Nigeria including national infrastructure to bring all your company branches together. Our Pietkom access packages are tailored for every type of business usage, and our account management team will fit your company into the perfect solution for your needs.

Dedicated Internet Access
DIA is our premium Connectivity product; it consists of dedicated bandwidth delivered using a combination of technologies: submarine Fiber Optic Cable and either microwave radios or fiber optic cable as last mile between Pietkom POP and client’s preferred location. Pietkom has built this specific network over diverse routes in order to make it resilient and redundant.

Virtual Network Operator (VNO)
Our Virtual Network Operator product has been designed to serve clients with multiple remote locations needing inter connectivity and lower latency; the product is a customized solution that fully integrates into any existing network architecture.

The VNO solution allows Corporations the benefit of operating their very own network without the cost of investing and operating a hub infrastructure. Each VNO consists of dedicated bandwidth capacity being shared amongst remote locations belonging to the same network. The capacity can be dynamically managed and can utilize private IP addresses.